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Accelerating Canada's transition to a cleaner, low-carbon economy

Developing, owning, operating & maintaining customer-centric low-carbon energy assets and building performance services across Canada.

EnerStream Ventures Inc. (“EnerStream”) is a boutique asset management firm accelerating Canada's transition to a cleaner low-carbon economy. EnerStream develops, owns, operates and maintains low-carbon energy assets and building performance services across Canada. As a Trusted Advisor to real estate owners and managers, EnerStream utilizes an integrated approach to capital and operations optimization in energy and energy-as-a-service.

Creating Value

  • EnerStream creates value by undermining the high cost of supply and delivery of energy to end-users by conventional utilities, and shares that difference with end-users, property owners, and utility network owners.

  • EnerStream gives peace of mind of low-GHG and more resilient energy systems so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • EnerStream integrates best-in-class technologies to design and operate efficient energy assets and services.


Energy as a Service

What We Do

  • EnerStream does something that is quite unique. EnerStream designs systems around end-users’ needs to build a system that uses less overall energy to deliver cost effective low-GHG energy.

  • The higher costs of energy and delivery from conventional systems completely rely on a commodity being used for each unit of energy needed, whereas EnerStream captures free thermal/electric energy around your site and delivers it before you need to look at using any commodity for your remaining energy needs.

  • EnerStream uses many proven clean technologies to deliver and manage your energy needs.


Clean Technology

EnerStream uses the best leading edge and financeable clean technologies to design and operate energy networks

Heating & Cooling

Integrated Design



Net Zero Design

Solar PV&T

Utility Management

Heat Pumps


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Frank Carnevale, BA
Founder & Managing Director

Award-winning CEO originated over $2.5 billion in energy transactions. 

Leading energy transformation for consumers and investors.

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Jason Kotler, BA, JD, MBA, CMC
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Private Equity Investor and Global CXO experience leading and operating strategic sustainability initiatives in MURB, CleanTech, IOT, manufacturing, & renewables sectors.

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Scott Wilson, BMath
Co-Founder & Director

CXO with operations and structuring experiences in Financial products and services for B2B and B2C


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Reach out to EnerStream if you are:

  • Developer seeking a pre-construction equity partner

  • Asset Owner/Manager looking at new build or retrofit opportunities

  • Technology company seeking a delivery partner

  • Seeking to divest of energy assets or supporting services

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